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Metallische Werkstoffe Metallische Werkstoffe
Metallische Werkstoffe Metallische Werkstoffe
Metallische Werkstoffe Metallische Werkstoffe
Metallische Werkstoffe Metallische Werkstoffe
Metallische Werkstoffe Metallische Werkstoffe
Metallische Werkstoffe Metallische Werkstoffe
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Metallische Werkstoffe Metallische Werkstoffe Metallische Werkstoffe Metallische Werkstoffe
Metallische Werkstoffe
Metallische Werkstoffe
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Metallische Werkstoffe Metallische Werkstoffe Metallische Werkstoffe
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Professorship for Metallic Materials
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Members of the Metallic Materials group are working on a new generation of scientists.

Metallische Werkstoffe
Metallische Werkstoffe
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Metallische Werkstoffe

ZIM project "SoftMadeHart":
In the project, new alloys for mining are developed in cooperation with two SMB and RWTH Aachen. Computer assisted materials development is one focus of the project. The project will start in the second half of 2022. The project is led by Dr. Stephanie Lippmann.

As a guest scientist, Dr. I. Nizovtseva joined the research group in March 2022. In the collaboration, the formation of Arctic ice during the summer months will be experimentally investigated and theoretically described using metallic model alloys. The long-term goal of the collaboration is the description of the influence of so called false bottom formation on global climate change development.

Extension of DFG project on alloy development The collaborative project "New materials of high stiffness for lightweight construction by additive manufacturing with ultrashort pulse lasers" is granted a second funding period. An Al-Li based alloy, compatible with selective laser melting processing, is being developed. Dr. Dongmei Liu is in charge of the project.

New DFG project: Microstructure modeling in Nickel-based superalloys In the project, which is funded for 3 years, the microstructure formation in Ni-based superalloys is investigated experimentally and theoretically in a wide range of undercoolings. The project is strengthened by Dr. Nikolai Kropotin, in charge is Dr. Peter Galenko.

On the passing of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Markus Rettenmayr Prof. Rettenmayr passed away on May 7, 2022 after a serious illness. The Metallic Materials Division will miss him as a remarkable expert in the field of metallic materials and as a considerate supervisor. We, who knew him personally and had daily contact with him, mourn above all for the person Markus Rettenmayr. As a mentor and friend, he will forever have a firm place in our memories and hearts.

DFG project on nucleation at flat interfaces
The continuity of work on (moving) interfaces with jumps in the chemical potential is ensured by a new DFG project on nucleation at solid/solid interfaces.

Extension of  Humboldt fellowship
Alexander-von-Humboldt foundation extended the fellowship of Dr. Chuanjun Li for 6 more months. His work in Jena on the influence of alternating or steady magnetic fields on microstructural evolution will continue.  

Projects on  research in microgravity reinforced
DFG agreed that a project on rapid solidification und microgravity is transferred to Jena. The projects Nequisol and Multiphas will be reinforced by an additional PhD student.

DFG project on thermal properties
A new 3-year project on the measurement of thermal properties (thermal conductivity, heat diffusivity, heat capacity) will be funded by DFG. Major goal is to reduce the experimental effort for such measurements substantially without losing accuracy.

Extension of DFG project on thermoelectric materials
The project on thermoelectric materials is strengthened by a further PhD student starting from January 2017. From the scientific point of view the extension concerns the influence of compositional variations in addition to the structural optimization in Bi2Te3.

Second PhD defense in 2016
Andrea Löffler of our research group defended her thesis successfully in December 2016. Her work on mushy zone resolidification and phase separation (including the synthesis of stoichiometric intermetallic compounds) met great interest of jury and audience.

Russian scientists visit our group
This fall we are happy to welcome three visiting scientists from Russia in our group. Our collaborations include the topics of dendritic solidification and phase field crystal simulations. The visit of Wladimir Ankudinov from  Udmurt State University in Izhevsk is in October 2016,  professor Dmitri Alexandrov (Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg) stays in Jena for  in November. In December we welcome Ilya Sarodunov, also from Yekaterinburg.

Humboldt fellowship extended
The second period of the fellowship for experienced scientists of Dr. Irina Nizovtseva has been extended by 3 months by Alexander von Humboldt foundation .

Guests in summer 2016
Dr. Manoj Varma from SCIR-NIIST, Trivandrum (research field Heusler alloys), and Prof. Xinzhong Li, Harbin Institute of Technology (research field hydrogen permeable membranes) join our group in August 2016.

DFG project on the determination of diffusion data
Measurement of temperature and concentration dependent diffusion coefficients can be so tedious that it js just not undertaken. In a new 3 year DFG project we will perfection an elegant and fast method to carry out such measurements. The project is lead by Dr. Hannes Engelhardt, the start is in summer 2016

DFG project on massive transformation
In a 3 year project, processes at internal interfaces in binary and ternary alloys during massive transformation will be studied starting from summer 2016. Project leader is Dr. Stephanie Lippmann, project scientist is Tobias Kaaden.

Election for OSIM leadership
In July 2016 there was an election for the directorial team of OSIM for the coming 3 years. Prof. Wondraczek will Managing Director of the institute starting from October 2017, Prof. F.A. Müller, Prof. D. Brauer and Prof. M. Rettenmayr are also in the directorial team.

PhD defense in 2016
Annett Seide defended her thesis successfully in February 2016. She achieved interesting results on nucleation and growth at interphase interfaces, and her work was fully acknowledged by the jury.

Further Humboldt fellow visits us from 2015
Dr. Irina Nizovtseva from Yekaterinburg will work together with us for an extended period of time in the frame of a Humboldt fellowship for experienced researchers. She will carry out mainly theoretical work on complex phenomena in two-phase mixtures.

Humboldt fellow joins our group in 2015
Dr. Chuanjun Li from Shanghai passed the selection procedure for Humbodlt fellows successfully. He will join our research group for 18 months starting from October 2015. His research is on the effect of external (magnetic) fields on the structural evolution of alloys.

ESA project on non-equilibrium solidification
The European Space Agency ESA gives us a grant to study rapid solidification processes. We are part of an international group of researchers from Germany, France, Canada, United Kingdom and Spain. Our part will be alloy making, carrying out experiments in an electromagnetic levitator and characterizing the samples.

PhD thesis defense in 2015
After condensed and intense work Hannes Engelhardt of our group has defended his PhD thesis in Septermber 2015 with great success.

DLR project on rapid multiphase solidification
The German space agency DLR supports a 3 year project on rapid solidification phenomena in Cu-Zr and glass formation in Pd-Cu-Ni-P starting from Fall 2015. Project leader is Dr. Peter Galenko, project scientist is MPh Stefanie Koch.

Visiting Scholars in summer 2015
Prof. Mingfang Zhu from Southeast University, Nanjing, and Prof. Xinzhong Li from Harbin Institute of Technology work with us on temperature gradient zone melting and alloy development in July/Auguast 2015.

DFG project on solidfication in thin capillaries
In a new DFG project that will start later in 2015, Dr. Klemens Reuther will study the solidification beavior of alloys and special aspects of interfacial energy in very thin capillaries with a diameter of ca. 1µm. The project will benefit from the competence of Prof. Markus Schmidt at IPHT for filling the capillaries with the liquid alloys

Young Career Investigators Workshop in Schlitz, Germany
In collaboration with Clausthal University of Technology (Prof. Rainer Schmid-Fetzer), a Young Career Investigators Workshop was held in Schlitz near Fulda in June 2015. Subject of the workshop funded by DFG was Thermodynamics and Kinetics. Young career investigators were prepared by international experts and a DFG representative for submitting their first proposal to DFG - quite close to an ideal preparation for a first project proposal.

DFG project DaDriS
Prof. Andrea Fried and two co-workers joined the Metallic Materials group for conducting research in collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The full title of the project is ”Dangerous and Beneficial Drift of Standards in the Modern Working Environment".

DFG project on thermoelectric materials
German Research Foundation financially supports a project on thermoelectric materials.  The duration of the project is  3 years, starting from April 2015. Applying a special directional solidification technique (”seeding zone melting"), known thermoelectric materials will be improved concerning their performance, and basic research on interface density in thermoelectric materials will be carried out. Project leader is Dr. Dongmei Liu.

Prof. Li visits Jena again
Prof. Xinzhong Li from Harbin Institute of Technology spends some time with our group in January/February 2015. He continues the research work he conducted during his last visit in 2014 on hydrogen permeable membranes. 

Second successful PhD thesis defense in 2014
Marcel Fink of our research group has successfully defended his PhD thesis in November 2014 - the second defense in 2014.

Roland Mitsche prize for Prof. Rettenmayr
In the frame of the 15. international metallography conference in Leoben Prof. Rettenmayr was awarded the Roland-Mitsche prize. The prize is awarded by the two societies ASMET and DGM and his the highest award in the field of metallography in the German speaking countries.

DFG project in the field of phase transformations extended
The research project ”Thermodyamics and Interdiffusion at Interfaces With Potential Jumps" receives funding from the German Research foundation for two additional years

PhD thesis successfully defended
In July 2014 Martin Seyring defended his thesis with great success.

Dr. honoris causa for Prof. Rettenmayr
During an extended ceremony in June 2014 the title ”Doctor honoris causa" was awarded to Prof. Rettenmayr at Miskolc university, Hungary.
Prof. Rettenmayr, Dean Prof. Gacsi
DFG-project on Li ion batteries runs for 3 additional years
The project entitled ”Phase stability in Li alloys for Li storage anode materials" will be extended. The reviewers state that "in this project a very impressing report has been submitted, testifying the high competence of the applicants".

Reorganization of Materials Science Research in Jena - OSIM
The two institutes at FSU Jena that sustain the Materials Science eduction will merge to form the Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research (OSIM). An official opening ceremony will be held in November 2013. Prof. Rettenmayr is the first managing director of the institute.

Dr. Liu in Jena
Dr.  Dongmei Liu, formerly Harbin Institute of Technology, joined our group to work on directional solidification of thermoelectric materials.

Dr. Galenko joined the group
Dr. Peter Galenko, formerly DLR cologne, joined the Metallic Materials group in September 2012. He will mostly work on rapid solidiification phenomena with the focus on modeling.